IVF + ICSI with the medicines cost

IVF using proper cells and sperm 

Total cost 4 900 €

The cost of the main services includes: 

- medical consultations; 

- transfer for 2 visits, legal maintenance and services of translator; 

- preliminary medical examination; 

- selection of the most suitable method of treatment; 

- medicines for the patient; 

- puncture of ovaries of the donor and receiving the eggs; 

- preparation of the sperm; 

- fertilization of the cells; 

- cultivation of embryos for 120 hours; 

- transfer of embryos in uterine cavity; 

- cryopreservation of the remained embryos for 1 year; 

- supervision of development of the pregnancy. 

Payment for the program should be conducted according to the following schedule before each stage of the program: 

1 st stage after signing the contract – 2 450 € 

2 nd stage in the day of puncture – 2 450 €

The program is conducted by the high-qualified team of our specialists: fertility specialist, embryologists, and implantology specialists, geneticist, anaesthetic and medical coordinators. 4 of 5 IVF programs with egg donor are successful at the first attempt (statistic based on the women in the age of 30-55 who’ve used fresh donor’s cells). All our patients are provided with individual qualified approach and treatment.