Surrogacy + Sperm donation

IVF using donor’s sperm + Surrogate

Total cost 43 000 €

The cost of the main services includes: 

Preparation and organization of the program 

- the first reception of the couple in the clinic: examination and medical analyses, ultrasonography, the plan of preparation, consultation on-line after the results of examination 

- preparation of medical documentation for the program 

- organization of the meeting with surrogate mother 

Expenses for surrogate mother 

- medical and psychological examination, preparation for the program, medicines, monitoring 

- medical control of a surrogate during the whole program (vitamins and medicines, ultrasonography, analyses and screening) 

- compensation payment to surrogate and her monthly maintenance 

- housing and clothes for surrogate mother 

- expenses for transport 

- services of curator of a surrogate 

Payment for the program IVF+ICSI in the clinic 

- examination, medicines, monitoring 

- selection and preparation of sperm donor 

- puncture 

- cryopreservation and storage of the embryos for 1 year 


- conducting of pregnancy (GCH, US test, the 1 screening ultrasonography, support medicines) 

Guest and administrative services of the agency 

- meeting at the airport, transfer аirport-hotel 

 - package of services for organization and coaching the carrying of the medical program 

- services of translator 

- information support of parents 

- monitoring and control of a current of the program 

- children's doctor for the newborn 


- organization of childbirth and maintenance 

- all payments for medical personnel 

- organization the presence of parents during childbirth 

- medicines, subjects of first necessity 

- supervision of the newborn by the children's doctor 

- DNA test 

Legal and notarial services for registration of the program in Ukraine 

- translation and preparation of the documents for the program 

- services of the notary 

- registration of the contracts and other legal documents with all participants of the program 

- legal maintenance at all stages of the program 

- obtaining the health certificate of the childbirth and the certificate of carrying out extracorporal fertilization 

- maintenance of registration of the child in the Registry Office 

- preparation and registration of all documents requested by embassy for departure

Payment for the program should be conducted according to the following schedule before each stage of the program: 

1st stage – 15 000 €– at the day of signing the contract with Parentage for surrogacy program 

2nd stage – 7 000 € – at the 3rd month of surrogate’s pregnancy; 

3rd stage – 7 000 € – at the 6th month of surrogate’s pregnancy; 

4th stage – 7 000 € – after the childbirth and discharge from the hospital; 

5th stage – 7 000 € – after receiving the travel document for the child in the embassy.

Additional payments:

Second attempt: defrosting and transfer of embryos (including all medicines for preparation of a surrogate) - 1500 €

The second program IVF with the aim to get new embryos (examination, medicines, monitoring, an embriotransfer for a surrogate) - 3500 €

Change of the surrogate mother (medical and psychological examinations, preparation for the program, medicines, monitoring, notarial certification of the documents) - 850 €

Additional payment for twins - 4 000 €

Additional payment for surrogate’s Caesarean section - 1 000 €

Compensation for a surrogate for abortion after the 3rd month of pregnancy - 1 000 €

Additional payment for loss of the surrogate’s uterus - 2 000 €

Gender selection - 1 000  €

PGD (5-24 chromosomes) - 1 000 - 4 000 €

Payment for medicines when nursing incomplete pregnancy – according to receits 

For the first visit You must have your passports, marriage certificate, necessary medical documents (confirming your prescription to IVF procedure) 

Surrogacy journey (IVF+ frozen embryos) is conducted by: 

The program is conducted by the high-qualified team of our specialists: fertility specialist, embryologists, and implantology specialists, geneticist, anaesthetic and medical coordinators. 4 of 5 IVF programs with egg donor are successful at the first attempt (statistic based on the women in the age of 30-55 who’ve used fresh donor’s cells). All our patients are provided with individual qualified approach and treatment.