Qualified assistance, reliable support and protection only


The company's mottois

Supporting reproductive technologies is a difficult and responsible task


Trusting the care of yourself can only be done by professionals

Reproductive process is not an easy thing


People can promise you mountains of gold, but so far they have not put a signature on a contract, it does not mean anything.

Reproductive medicine has experienced a dynamic growth inrecent decades. Innovative medical technologies have made it possible forchildless couples to make their dream come true – having their own, geneticallyrelated, children. Efficiency and safety of modern reproductive technologies havedirect reference to the quality of auxiliary services with legal advice andconsulting, being on the front line Reproductive medicine has experienced adynamic growth in recent decades.

Key tasks of our project are not only organizing and ensuring of reproductive program fulfillment, but also protecting rights and interests of all participants involved. We hope that our assistance will be useful for many including medical institutions, Intended Parents, and other participants of abovementioned legal relations.


Assistance Delivered

The company's mottois: "Qualified assistance, reliable support and protection only"

Our Stories
Dear Parentage,This letter - a manifestation of our great respect and gratitude for the invaluable assistance you have provided to us. Good deeds do not go unnoticed - they are like a beacon of light to those who are waiting for help. By helping you give joy and hope. During our cooperation you and your staff have proven to be a highly professional company with the availability of skilled personnel quickly and efficiently solve tasks for the entire period of our cooperation.Special gratitude we want to express to our surrogate mother YF and her family especially her husband A. During pregnancy Y. proved to be a decent, caring and honest woman.She fulfilled all requirements with great precision and responsibility pertained to pregnancy with love and affection. Our girls were born healthy and most importantly calm. We wish her good luck and health.I want to emphasize the contribution of Dr. Kotlikov Vladimir and his colleagues for their professionalism and deep knowledge of the business for their operational work. Everything was done to the highest standards with appropriate quality. I wish you all the best, good health, prosperity and more warmth in your life path. I can come to the child’s bed, simply stand there and admire our baby, wiping out my tears. Tears of happiness.
Ten years ago I didn’t think what it meant for a woman not to have a possibility to become a mother. My close friend Elena told me about her personal tragedy, for five years she has been treating infertility in vain. I was her best friend and all these years I knew nothing about her suffering from “female weakness”. The day she shared her problem we cried all night long. But tears can't help in sorrow. After I spent several days surfing the Internet and studying all possible methods of infertility treatment, I understood that I could help her. We came together to a clinic and I became an oocyte donor for my friend. I was really worried but everything went well and soon my friend became mother of two lovely girls: Katia and Yulia. Now they are three years old and I’m their godmother.In a year I had suddenly realized that I had to help one more time. I found an agency in the Internet, filled the questionnaire and received an invitation to come for an interview and examination. I hadn’t waited for long, as I was chosen by a couple from Sweden. Everything was well and a girl was born. I even felt a bit jealous because I have only boys. My last donation was anonymous and I don’t know whom I have helped. But I’m not upset at all. I feel happy because I can give people the most precious gift in the world – a child. And it is the most important thing for me.
I’m a married woman with children: boy (5 years). I’m a music teacher by training. My mother was seriously ill and we needed money for her surgery. My cousin told me about the possibility to participate in the programme. She knew a lot about donation, because she had treated her infertility. She told me where I could appeal for. It was a big clinic in Kyiv and a special agency "Parentage" engaged in processing of all documents for different programmes. The company is new but works according to western standards. Everything is understandable and clear: you undergo screening (check up), sign an agreement, and after that you are included to the Surrogate database. Within two days I underwent all necessary examinations and tests and signed an agreement with the agency, and in a month I was called for an interview with the Intended Parents. I started the programme. Transfer was successful and I got pregnant with twins. For me it was very emotional. We kept greeting each other. They rented me an apartment in Kyiv. I delivered with c-section. My couple paid for delivery in a prestigious private maternity hospital, although it wasn’t prearranged. So we gave birth to a couple of wonderful boys. It was our mutual victory. Girls, you can not even imagine what means to be a Surrogate. It means to be Faith, Hope and Charity at the same time!

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Why our company?

To solve clients’ problems fast and efficiently, we have united specialists into integrated and mobile team. There are only highly skilled practicing specialists: doctors, lawyers, psychologists, managers and linguists among its members. The team is flexible, hard-working, highly responsive, and honest. 

Pulling together these factors and the highest possible attention to detail — all of which Parentage offers with a personal service – makes agency one of the most reliable and competent company working today. Parentage strongly believes that all above-mentioned qualities create a cornerstone to success in achieving people’s dream — to have a baby. 

Owing to advanced legal tools, we solve fast and easily the most complicated legal problems. 

Today’s one of the best samples of legal and information documents (agreements, treatment protocols, informed consent to treatment, application forms, etc.) were developed specially for our Agency to establish legal relations among participants of ART programs. 

We apply European standard of delivering services allowing our clients to enjoy personalized care and attention. Intended Parents have a possibility to monitor the progress of their program and receive necessary in-time information on the special page of this website. 

The company motto is qualified assistance, reliable support and protection only.

Why Ukraine?
By choosing Ukraine as destination country for your egg donation or surrogacy program you take an important step and you need to be sure you are making the right decision. 
We would like to point out some key reasons for you. Note that these are concluded based on the feedback of the patients who have worked with several countries before they came to us and genuinely agreed to share their experience afterwards:
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