Counselling Services

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Organizational counselling

Counselling services are provided either in our office (face-to-face) or remotely — via telephone, email, or Skype. Consultations are free of charge.

Office consultations are administered by preliminary appointment only. The consultation lasts one hour. Our clients will be informed about details and cost of services provided by our company and may also inquire about any issues of interest while being counseled. 

During the consultation, the following issues are typically addressed:

  • Types and particular aspects of assisted reproductive programs.
  • Phases of assisted reproductive courses. Special issues of ART with donor.
  • Legal context of various ART programs in the country of Ukraine.
  • Legal standing of Intended Parents according to the present-day legislation of the country of Ukraine (or other countries if the program is planned elsewhere).
  • Potential psychological issues and major medical aspects.
  • Matching Intended Parents to a clinic, a donor and/or a surrogate.
  • Special aspects and terms of document handling.


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Health counselling

Medical consultations are conducted by MDs of major clinics of Ukraine. Our company will arrange a (paid) consultation required to you at one of the clinics.

At the respective clinic, specialists can:

  • examine your medical condition;
  • check medical records provided;
  • inform you about special aspects, efficiency and safety of medical procedures;
  • prepare an individual examination program and treatment plan.

Remote consultations by email are available free of charge.


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Legal counselling

It is self-evident that legal issues play a critical role while going through ART. Program participants must be aware of their rights and responsibilities.

We partner with lawyers who have vast practical experience in ART space. So, we will put you in contact with a highly skilled lawyer who will explain you all legal issues that are of interest to you, including:

  • rights and responsibilities of ART participants;
  • forming legal dealings with the clinic;
  • legal protection of rights and responsibilities of Intended Parents - participants in ART programs;
  • agreements, other legal documents, handled by participants of reproductive program;
  • registration and other formal procedures applied towards children born in the country of Ukraine and other countries;
  • problems with confirmation of parental rights in Ukraine and abroad;
  • special aspects of child transfer from Ukraine to Intended Parents’ home country and the child`s registration;
  • legal fraud protection;
  • collection of penalties, debts, etc.

Legal counseling can handle the legal issues that can arise not only in Ukraine, but in foreign countries as well. Competent legal experts will answer your questions during counseling face-to-face at the office or by e-mail. Face-to-face consultations are delivered on paid-for basis and held by appointment only. Free express-consultations are available by e-mail. Legal advice via phone is not available. If issues at hand are particularly complex, our partner lawyers will issue a legal conclusion or legal review for you (please, see Prices for Services).


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Psychological counselling

Positive outcome of any medical process is directly determined by the right attitude and optimistic psychological state of a patient. That is why, we recommend that our clients have a preliminary appointment with a psychologist to find out whether they are prepared to endure the program.

We must admit that a great share of reproductive program participants is prone to certain psychological troubles.

During most of their adult lives, a whopping 25 percent of Intended Mothers suffer from inadequacy because they cannot carry a child. Furthermore, when it comes to surrogacy, some 15 percent of Intended Mothers experience malicious jealousy to a Surrogate Mother during the last term of pregnancy when the Intended Mothers’ own spouses express care in a Surrogate’s health condition. 

The ambivalent social attitude towards assisted reproduction is also a factor of stress for most patients of reproductive programs. If you want to learn techniques for achieving the state of physiological comfort throughout the whole program and afterwards, we recommend that you attend psychological counseling sessions carried out by our specialists. In a comfortable environment, our professional psychologist will not only assist you in overcoming all your doubts and fears, but also guide you to achieving a doable positive outcome.

Our in-house psychologist can run consultations not only in the office, but also remotely: via email or phone. A face-to-face consultation lasts for an hour, its cost being indicated in the Price-list. Remote consultations are free for our clients.

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