Counselling Services

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Counselling on organizational issues

Counselling services are provided either in our office (face to face) or remotely — via email, telephone or Skype. Consultations are free of charge.

Office consultations are conducted by appointment only. The consultation lasts 1 hour.Our client will be informed about peculiarities and cost of services of our company and can ask all the questions he is interested in while being counseled. 

The following issues are discussed during the consultation: 

  • Types and peculiarities of assisted reproductive programs.. 
  • Stages of assisted reproductive programs. Peculiarities of ART with donor.
  • Legal framework of various ART programs in Ukraine.
  • Legal status of Intended Parents according to the current legislation of Ukraine (or other countries where program is planned).
  • The main medical aspects and psychological problems.
  • Matching process of a clinic, a surrogate and donors.
  • Peculiarities and terms of document processing.


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Medical counselling

Consultations are conducted by medical specialists of key clinics of Ukraine. Our company arranges such a consultation at the clinic on a paying basis.

Precisely in medical institution specialists can:

  • examine your health condition;
  • check provided medical documents;
  • inform about peculiarities, efficiency and security of medical procedures;
  • draw an individual examination and treatment plan.


Distant free of charge consultations by e-mail are also available.


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Legal counselling

It goes without saying that legal aspects are one of the most important while applying ART. Programme participants have to be aware of their rights and obligations.

Lawyers we cooperate with have a vast practical experience in ART sphere. So you can be counseled by a skilled lawyer on all issues you are interested in, including:

  • rights and obligations of ART participants;
  • establishing legal relations with the clinic;
  • agreements, other legal and information documents, processed by reproductive programme participants;
  • protection of rights and obligations of Intended Parents, participating in ART programmes;
  • registration and other procedures toward children born in Ukraine and other countries;
  • peculiarities of child transfer from Ukraine to a home country of Intended Parents and his/her registartion;
  • problems with confirmation of parental rights in Ukraine and abroad;
  • legal protection from fraud;
  • collection of debts, penalties, etc. 


Legal counseling relates to not only legal issues of Ukraine but of foreign countries as well.Competent lawyer answers all your questions during counseling at the office or e-mail. Office consultations are paid and conducted by appointment only. Free of charge express-consultations are also available via e-mail. We do not provide legal advice via phone. In case of any complicated issues, lawyers issue a legal review or conclusion for you (see Prices for Services).


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Psychological counselling

Success of any medical process depends directly on psychological state and attitude of a patient. That is why first of all we highly recommend our clients to have an appointment with a psychologist to find out if he/she is psychologically ready to undergo a program.

It should be noted that all participants of reproductive program can face certain psychological problems. 

For a whole life almost quarter of Intended Mothers suffer the inferiority complex, because they cannot carry and deliver a child on her own. In addition, when it goes about surrogacy, 15 % of these women experience spiteful jealousy to a Surrogate during the last pregnancy term and delivery when their own husbands are far too interested in Surrogate’s health condition. 

The attitude of society toward assisted reproductive technologies is also one of the most complicated problems for all participants of reproductive programs.In order to feel psychologically comfortable during the whole period of program and after it, we offer you to attend highly qualified psychological counseling of our specialist. In a trustful atmosphere our psychologist will help you not only to overcome all your fears and doubts, but also to set on extremely positive result, which, without doubts, will be completely implemented in the future. 

Specialist-psychologist holds consultations not only at the office, but also by e-mail and phone. In office psychological advice lasts 1 hour and is paid according to current Price-list, while other consultations are free of charge. 

You may ask questions directly on our site (in “Blogs” section). Please allow up to 1-3 days for our reply by e-mail. Privacy policy is guaranteed.