Coordination and Control 

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Coordination of the Medical Program

We are partnering with the leading clinics in Ukraine and internationally, which have vast experience in assisted reproduction and have achieved high rates of success in infertility treatment.
Our partner-clinics work with the citizens of Ukraine and foreign citizens alike. Their staff members are highly qualified MDs who speak foreign languages, and have been trained in providing services for different types of patients. Our partner-clinics have advanced equipment, surgery blocks and day inpatient departments. Many medical partners have their own labs, providing opportunity to perform andrological, cytogenetic, and other types of medical research simultaneously. We also understand the importance of having an opinion from other experienced medical doctors. For this reason, we offer our patients an additional coordination of medical program that includes:
  • independent consultations on medical issues;
  • services of a dedicated representative at various medical clinics.
We can deliver a complete coordination of a medical program of donorship and surrogate motherhood, starting with the preliminary medical examination, ovarian stimulation, embryo transfer, during pregnancy and concluding with legal support of Intended Parents after the child’s birth. 
If needed, we can also invite an independent medical expert to consult clients on the medical issues they may have.

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Surrogate Supervision

If there is demand on client’s part, we can offer services of a supervisor who will monitor and assist a Surrogate during the entire pregnancy. Supervision has gained in popularity recently, particularly in those cases when medical care for a Surrogate is required.
Supervisor is an authorized employee of our company, in most cases having a degree from secondary or higher medical school, who supervises a Surrogate’s adherence to the terms of the agreement with the clinic and the Intended Parents.
Supervisor monitors a Surrogate’s commitment to follow doctor’s recommendations and prescriptions, eating healthy diet, taking medicines on time, attending medical procedures, undergoing tests, etc. Periodically, supervisor compiles and submits reports for the company and the Intended Parents. 
Supervisor can also file a formal note on specific facts of violation of the terms of the agreement. In addition to monitoring and supervision, supervisor will always assist a surrogate mother whenever problems arise. We offer three supervision options:
  • Medical — supervisor assists in medical programs only: controls fulfillment of doctors’ recommendations and prescriptions, carry out health checkups of a Surrogate, provides and controls medical procedures that are essential during pregnancy. 
  • Complete —  supervisor is available for a Surrogate from 9:00 to 18:00 in the same apartment (supervisors work in shifts in this regimen). This option includes: accompanying a Surrogate when visiting a clinic, shops, walking in a park, as well as nursing care.
  • Partial — supervisor visits a Surrogate on the certain days or hours to monitor her pregnancy, accompany her on demand to clinics, shops, during her outside leisure activities, etc.

The cost of Surrogate supervision varies depending on the choice of supervision regimen. (see section Services and Prices).
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