Donor Matching

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Individual Donor Matching

We have developed a vast egg donors’ data base. We are committed to make the donor matching process faster and easier.
We formulated several mandatory criteria for a donor. Apart from age, health condition, and phenotype, we also assess how genuine is her/his motivation to help sterile couples as well as single people to become parents. All our egg donors are healthy young (20-30 years old) women who already have a healthy child (or children) of their own. They are required to have no chronic, mental, or hereditary diseases, abnormal development harmful habits, excess weight, etc. 
There are also Rhesus factor and blood group requirements, as well as individual preferences regarding type of appearance. That is why donor matching is a very complex and essential process. Donor matching is offered on a paid-for basis (see its pricing information in Cost of Services). 
Data about selected candidates is provided in written form. You can also study donor data base.
  • Category A (elit) are donors whose appearance is model-like and who also have distinctive abilities and talents;
  • Category B (special) are donors of rare nationalities and ethnic groups, with artistic abilities, whose IQ is above average;
  • Category C (standard) are donors with regular appearance and standard abilities, who have already served as a donor before.
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