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Egg Donation in Europe: Your Chance to Have a Healthy Baby

A lot of people want to become parents at a certain point in their lives, but in numerous cases getting pregnant can be problematic. One of the most common issues that can be encountered while trying to conceive a baby is female infertility. Fortunately, the achievements of the modern reproductive medicine make it possible to have a baby in an alternative way, with the help of egg donation in Europe.

What Is Egg Donation?

Otherwise, referred to as oocyte donation, egg donation is an infertility treatment, which is used when the female ovaries cannot produce their eggs or in case of the risk of a genetic disorder. The inability to produce one’s own egg cells suitable for fertilization can be caused by various health issues, such as pre-exhaustion of ovarian function, polycystic ovary syndrome, hypothalamic dysfunction and other ovulation disorders. In addition to that, this method of treatment is used after failed artificial insemination.
The way the process works is that the eggs are collected from a healthy donor at the egg donation and surrogacy center. The donors are selected carefully, and when everything is ready, the donor’s eggs are fertilized using the partner’s sperm or donor’s sperm. When this process is complete, the embryos can be transferred to the uterus of a woman for which the infertility treatment is performed.

Ukrainian Egg Donors: Peculiarities of Egg Donation

Egg donation is a serious and responsible procedure and it is approached as such in the clinic. All the Ukraine egg donors that are available in the Parentage database are required to undergo both psychological and medical examinations to be able to participate in the program. It’s important to understand that not all healthy women can become donors, which is why serious preliminary examinations are essential.
What is great about the egg donation service in our clinic is the control over the choice of your donor. Intended recipients can browse through the egg donor profiles photos and they are also offered the information, such as the blood group, height, weight, education, nationality, and some others. At the same time, the identity of the donor stays confidential and donors don’t have access to the information about the chosen parents.
The duration of the donor matching process depends on the future parents, as they have all the time they need to make a decision. Once the selection process is complete, a donor is required to sign an agreement in which they consent that the eggs and embryos obtained from eggs do not belong to them.
When it comes to the recipients of the procedure, the females also have to complete medical tests and undergo consultations with a physician to be sure that there will be no problems when it comes to the pregnancy and delivery of the baby.

Egg Donor Cost: Why Choose Parentage

Have you already browsed the entire web in search of an appropriate IVF clinic but without result? Finding a trustworthy and affordable infertility clinic can be quite a challenge these days, as there are a lot of fraudulent institutions out there.
In addition to that, surrogate egg donor cost can truly skyrocket depending on the location of the clinic, the fame of their clients, and other brand-related factors. Fortunately, in our clinic, we understand the importance of keeping the prices affordable so that more people can have this life-changing experience.

Contacting Egg Donation and Surrogacy Center

The egg donation infertility service can be accessed by contacting the support representatives of the Parentage clinic. During the consultation, you will receive the information you need to proceed from the desire to have a child to actual tangible steps. We offer outstanding quality of the services and the most affordable egg donor cost.
Do not postpone your dream of having a healthy baby and get all the information you need at our clinic! We are among the best egg donation clinics in Europe and we will happily deliver all the services to make sure you have a healthy baby. Contact our support team via the phone number, skype, email, or a form on the website.
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