Medical issues

What infertility clinics does your agency cooperate with?
Irina, Melitopol
PARENTAGE has a status of international company, that is why it cooperates with key reproductive clinics of Ukraine and abroad. In Ukraine we officially cooperate with the following clinics: “Adonis” , “Nadiia”, “Viktoriia”, “Maty & Dytuna”, “Rodynne Jerelo” — Kyiv; “Intersono” — Lviv; “Implant” — Kharkiv.
Would you be so kind to tell me how many IVF attempts are needed to achieve success?
Hubert, Munchen
It is individual. In average 2-3 IVF attempts are enough. Sometimes pregnancy is achieved after the first attempt, but there were cases when over 6 programs were needed.
Often advertisements of reproductive clinics say that their treatment is the most effective and that there is 100% IVF success guarantee. Should I believe them? And which of them are real success rates in this sphere of medicine?
Olha, Kharkov
Your skepticism concerning truthfulness of such ads is entirely reasonable. There is no 100% guarantee in reproductive medicine as well as in other medical spheres. According to the statistics, nowadays even the best clinics of USA and Western Europe show positive IVF results in 35 – 45 % of cases. 30 – 40 % in Ukraine is a very good success rate for a clinic
Which medical tests are required for Intended Parents? Can we undergo them before coming to Ukraine?
Anna-Mari, Bordo 
Types and number of medical tests depend on each single case. Still there are some standard ones: 
Foe each spouse: 
  - Syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B and C test (valid for 3 months); 
  - Blood test to define group and rhesus. 
For women: 
  - clinical blood analysis (valid for 1 month); 
  - clinical urine analysis (valid for 1 month); 
  - blood analysis for toxoplasmosis (valid for 1 month); 
  - coagulation profile (valid for 1 month); 
  - urogenital smear (smear bacterioscopy, valid for 1 month); 
  - medical tests for Chlamydia, cytoplasm and ureaplasma (valid for 3 months); 
  - cytological examination of uterine cervix (valid for 1 years). 
It is necessary to provide a conclusion of a specialist (-s) with infertility diagnosis. 
For men: 
  - sperm count ( recommended to conduct in our clinic when applying to our company); 
  - sperm morphology; 
  - semen culture; 
  - antispermatozoal antibodies in sperm (MAR-test); 
Conclusion of andrologist is necessary as well.
I am 48 and my husband is 34 and we want children. In the clinic I was told that it is not likely I can give a healthy egg that is why I need a donor. Can I avoid donation somehow? I found many cases in the Internet when women delivered a child after 50. Are there any new technologies to improve reproductive abilities of women?
Samantha, Santa-Monica
Is it impossible to answer this question without medical examination of your reproductive health in one or several clinics we work with. It will help us to estimate your chances. Practically, women after 40 have low chances to produce a reproductive egg. Theoretically, these technologies exist, namely medical mass media informed about such researches in Japan and Great Britain. But clinics of Ukraine and even USA are not likely to offer something like this.
Is it possible to test an embryo for genetic abnormalities and serious diseases?
Mark, Haifa
Yes, it is possible. This procedure is called prenatal diagnostics (PND). It is a complex of treatment and diagnostic methods to expose morphological, structural, functional and molecular imbalances of intrauterine human development. PND defines hereditary diseases, fetus development, general health condition of a child, sex of a child, preimplantation genetic diagnostic of embryo.
Can we select sex for our child?
Li and Chuan, Singapore
Yes, you can select sex during prenatal diagnostics of embryo.
Which are success rates of surrogate pregnancy after the first IVF attempt?
Liza, Kyiv
It is impossible to guarantee pregnancy in any reproductive program. According to statistics, embryos better fix in the uterus of other woman so pregnancy success rate for surrogacy is over 40%. Our specialists focus on several IVF attempts at once.
Does the Surrogate genetic background get checked?
Maksim, Nikolaev
A child is not genetically linked to a Surrogate. He has genes of parents and/or donor. So there is no need to check it.


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