IVF + ICSI program with the cost of medicaments

Package price 6,000 EURO

This package is intended for couples, people of different sex who have medical indications for carrying out programs of assisted reproductive technologies with the implementation of IVF + ICSI on their fresh eggs with the use of their own sperm and subsequent transfer of embryos to the client's body (without surrogate mother’s participation).

Payment for the program  should be conducted according to the following schedule : 
1-st stage  – 4,500 € on the day of signing the contract with PARENTAGE for the program;
2-nd stage – 1,500 € before transfer of embryos
Cash payment. In the case of bank transfer by customers, additional commission is 150 € for each transfer + 2.5% of the amount

Stages of the program and visits

Online consultations:
Preliminary consultation by Skype, email or telephone of our medical coordinator regarding the choice of mode and treatment regimen, most suitable for you.
The first visit is 1-2 days. Diagnosis and start of the program:
Meeting at the airport and accommodation in comfortable apartments;
Signing the contract with PARENTAGE and the necessary medical documents for the program;
The appointment of a doctor - preliminary medical examinations;
Choosing the most suitable type of treatment for you;
Preparation of a protocol for stimulation and the issuance of necessary medications;
A short walking tour Kiev in your free time.
Stimulation of the ovaries - duration of 12-20 days:
The IVF program begins with the stimulation of the ovaries, which is carried out with the help of hormonal drugs. This stage can be performed at your place of residence with the help of medications that you will be given in our clinic. Stimulation of the ovaries is carried out under the supervision of the head physician of our medical center.
The second visit to the Medical Center is 7-8 days. Puncture of the ovaries, fertilization and embryotransfer:
After the stage of ovaries stimulation at your place of residence, you and your husband / partner should come to the PARENTAGE Medical Center. At this stage, a woman has puncture of the eggs, and the man hands over the ejaculate (sperm). All instructions for preparing for the puncture of eggs and delivery of the ejaculate, including the date of arrival to our Medical Center, you will receive from our doctor.
Meeting at the airport and accommodation in comfortable apartments;
Obtaining egg cells under anesthesia and ultrasound control;
Preparation of spermatozoa;
Fertilization of oocytes;
Cultivation of embryos within 120 hours (before the blastocyst stage);
Transfer of embryos into the uterine cavity;
Cryopreservation of remaining (unused) embryos and sperm;
The subsequent information support of the woman.
Subsequent development of pregnancy:
14 days after the embryonic transfer, you should undergo a blood test for HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). It will show whether pregnancy is developing. If the result is positive during one week, ultrasound should be performed. Observation and management of pregnancy will be performed by your local doctor.
During all your visits to PARENTAGE you will be provided with transport, medical, legal and language support.

The main advantages of the program

- Time and money are all included in the program, so you do not need to spend extra time and money on travel and accommodation;
- Possibility of genetic research of embryos for the presence of genetic diseases (PGD), which is a guarantee of the birth of a healthy child;
- Determination of sex of embryos;
- The highest percentage of success in Europe - our partners are the best obstetrician-gynecologists and reproductive specialists with extensive experience, so applying to the PARENTAGE Human Reproduction Center is a guarantee of the success of your pregnancy;
- The best prices in Ukraine for repeated stages.

Description of package contents

Preparation stage of clients for the program:

Service list Availability of service
Acquaintance with clients, interview Included
Familiarization clients with information about the agency, clinic Included
Familiarization clients with the features of the program Included
Preparation of a complete set of client documents, their translation Included
Finalization and approval of couple for a program in a medical clinic Included

Preparation stage of oocyte/sperm donor for the program, if necessary:

Service list Availability of service
Search, selection of an oocyte donor / sperm donor, screening of an oocyte donor / sperm donor, preparation of a contract with an oocyte donor / sperm donor, payment for oocyte donor's / sperm donor travels, payment for oocyte donor's / sperm donor fee One donor 1000 € / 500 €

Preparation stage of ensuring arrival of customers:

Service list Availability of service
Individual transfers of customers from the airport to the apartment and back, regardless of the time of day Included
Accommodation in comfortable apartments for the first visit (2 visits: 1 and 7 nights respectively) Payment by checks
The package of products at the initial arrival: yoghurts, juices, tea, coffee, milk, fruit, cereals, chocolate, croissants, bread, marmalade, etc. Included
A full three meals a day for the first visit (a three-time visit to the restaurant during the day) in the restaurant of Mediterranean cuisine "Faina Familia" breakfast, lunch, dinner (without alcohol, excessive ordering and ordering of dishes / drinks "take-away") Payment by checks
Individual transfers of customers from the apartment to the clinic and back Included
Ensuring the translation of all necessary customer documents Included
Visit to the clinic: acquaintance with the doctor, examination and delivery of tests, signing of the necessary documents and delivery of biomaterial Included
Organization and coordination of the whole process of the first arrival of clients Included

IVF+ICSI program stage:

Service list Availability of service
Controlled stimulation of the eggs with full medication, puncture (excluding the cost of anesthesia) Included
Sperm preparation Included
Storage of customer's biomaterial 1 year
IVF+ICSI and embryo cultivation before the blastocyst stage Included
PGD test on 5 chromosomes 800 €
PGD test on 9 chromosomes 1250 €
PGD test on 24 chromosomes 2200 €

Transfer of embryos (cryoprotocol) stage:

Service list Availability of service
Preparation of the mother's body before transfer with full medication support for embryo transfer 1 attempt
Sex selection Included with the PGD test
Transfer of the embryo (embryos) with complete medication support of the mother's organism for the onset of pregnancy and further healthy development and pregnancy 1 attempt
Reduction with full medical support (clients' choice) 600 €
Analysis: Urinary test on day 11 after transfer Not included, Performed remotely
Analysis: HCG on day 14 after transfer Not included, Performed remotely
Analysis: Ultrasound on day 28 after transfer Not included, Performed remotely
Control of medical specialists of mother, correction of taking medication Included, Performed remotely
Providing customers with the necessary documentation: the Transfer Protocol, test results and analyzes Included
Translation of necessary documentation: Transfer protocol, test results and analyzes Included

Extra costs, not included in the package:

Service list Availability of service
Additional repeated transfers of available embryos (cryoprotocol) 1,000 €
Additional egg donation (with medicines) and compensation to the donor (if embryos are over and donor replacement is needed) 900 €
Additional IVF (in case the embryos run out) without PGD 4,500 €
Additional PGD test (at the discretion of customers, not required) PGD5 - 800€; PGD9 - 1250€; PGD24 - 2200€
Small walking tour in Kiev Included
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