Psychological issues

I am really anxious about the fact that I am not giving birth on my own. I will contribute all efforts to keep it in a secret. It is so hard to know that a child was not in your uterus. How to deal with this problem?
Elena, Kyiv
It is you who is the mother of this child because you are the one to have genetic link with him/her. Remember an old saying “The parent is not the one who gave birth, but the one who raised”. This is your flesh and blood, a long-awaited child who is going to bring you pleasant enjoyable worries. We assure you that the process will be rewarding and that everything will work out just fine. Please, contact our psychologist for futher assistance.
Me and my wife are expecting a child after IVF. I have undergone infertility treatment for 5 years already. Frankly speaking, I am not sure that this is my child. Maybe it is a sperm donor and I was not informed? Maybe I’ve got paranoia? What should I do?
Hubert, Munchen
This is a very serious and complicated problem. You have to attend psychologist immediately.We would also recommend you to undergo a DNA test. These tests are conducted in surrogacy programs, so you can contact our Agency. So far you have to calm down. You will have a child you were waiting for.


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