Legislation of Spain

According to the Law on Human assisted Reproductive Technologies application of the following assisted reproductive technologies are permitted on the territory of Spain:

Sperm and oocyte donation; 

Application of these technologies by single women; 

Reduction of the number of embryos in uterus in the case of triple pregnancy; 

Money compensation for donors of sperm and oocytes; 

Genetic diagnostics of an embryo before its transfer to a uterus.

The following ART are forbidden in Spain:

Free selection of sperm/oocyte donor, as only medical personnel is entitled to match him/her according to appearance and blood type; 

Donation is anonymous. Relatives, friends and acquaintances ofa patient can’t be a donor.Selection of child’s gender, excluding the cases of genetic diseases prevention related to gender; 


Elimination of frozen embryos, left after artificial fertilization. 

These embryos can remain frozen during the patient’s reproductive life or they can be given to other patients or used for scientific-research purposes.

In Spain surrogacy is forbidden, though it’s not criminally liable

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