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Sperm Donation – Overcoming Male Infertility

We live in the world where children can be conceived in many different ways, thus allowing people, who wouldn’t normally be able to have their own kids, to create families. In some cases, it’s difficult or impossible for a woman to become pregnant because of male infertility and the low quality of sperm. The fertility of men and the quality of their sperm can be affected by various factors from genetic conditions and infections to alcohol abuse and others. Sperm donation can become an excellent solution to the problem.

What are the benefits of sperm donation?

The procedure of sperm donation has become a true blessing for a lot of couples and single women out there. Sperm donation allows people to have healthy children in the cases when a man in a couple is infertile or there is a risk of passing some genetic conditions to the child from the father’s line.
In addition to that, this program can be used by single women who don’t have sexual partners and want to have children with the help of artificial insemination. Sperm donation in Europe has been used for a while and it’s a reliable and effective method of dealing with the infertility problems in men.

Sperm donors and how they are selected

The way the process works is that the medically checked donors go to sperm banks where they have to ejaculate in the marked sterile containers. The procedure takes place in a room designed specifically for the purpose of collecting sperm. After that, the medical specialist evaluates the quality of the sperm and cryopreserves it and makes the necessary records of the collected material.
Donor’s sperm can be used by clients both for the purposes of artificial insemination (single women and if a woman in a couple is fertile) or in vitro fertilization (in case both people in a couple are infertile and they use donated eggs).
The health of sperm donors is one of the most important factors that are checked before they can be involved in the program. When it comes to the selection of donors by clients, they have a chance to get the information regarding the donor’s hair color, eye color, height, weight, age, and education. A lot of the time, couples who resort to the use of a donor choose the one who has similar traits to that of the future father.
This sperm baking procedure is completely private and anonymous for both clients and donors. Donors are compensated and once the sperm is donated, it doesn’t belong to them.

Get the results with sperm donation in Ukraine

With the help of Parentage, you can be confident that the quality of the sperm is top notch, as only the sperm of healthy donors is used. Sperm donation in Ukraine and its use in IVF and artificial insemination are performed according to the highest quality standards accepted in the world.
By contacting the specialists of the clinic, you can get an in-depth consultation regarding the use of donated sperm. All you need to do is use the form on the site or get in touch using the phone number, skype, or email address that are provided. We are always at your service, so don’t miss your chance to create a family!
sperm donation
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