Why Pаrentage Fertility Centre? Advantages of the company

• The concordance of the arrival program of foreign client to Ukraine and schedule of hisstay takes 1-2 days, while other agencies give client the chart of visit and estimation ofnecessary terms in 4-7 days in Ukraine after an appeal. 

• Company Parentage provides client with a complete free juridical consultation upon hisappeal using the means of remote communication (Skype, Telegram, Viber, E - Mail, Mobile Phone, WhatsApp) while other agencies after any client’s appeal for the juridical consultation (even the minimum one) answer superficially, unclear and veiled. They alsorequire a payment for the juridical advice although it can be not necessary on this stage. 

• In the company Parentage only one manager accompanies the client starting from hisfirst call until the departure with the child while in other Ukrainian agencies the client iscoordinated by several managers at the same time which is uncomfortable enough andbrings some mess. 

• Parentage frequently gives some shallow suddenly appeared or unplanned services totheir clients for free. For example, it can include query of some additional specifying information in the medical center, additional decoding of analyses, receipt of “duplicate” legal advice for securing of client interests in other source, implementation of shallowcommissions of client on the territory of Ukraine. In other companies, all shallowrequests and commissions of clients without an additional charge are not executed orexecuted superficially enough and without any enthusiasm. 

• The Parentage contract is written more completely. There are no streamlined phrases andambiguous formulations, which makes partnership and work very comfortable. OtherUkrainian agencies have obvious tendencies to the unclearness and fuzziness whilemaking agreements with foreign clients. As a result, it can lead to some conflictsituations. 

• Parentage provides their clients with flexibility and responds to most requests andcommissions. Other Ukrainian agencies are usually conservative and are limited to theprescribed agreements that are presented in the written form. If the client has someadditional requests, they coordinate their implementation and cost of the implementationwith their guidance for a long time. As a result, it can lead to the loss of actuality ofcommission and some disorders for foreign clients. 

• The Parentage company gives a client complete picture of necessary financial expensesof one or another program before his arrival. In other agencies, clients are facing aproblem of “unforeseen" expenses during their participation in the program althoughthey were able to warn their client initially. Parentage provides client with a completepresentation already during consultations by the means of remote communication(Skype, Telegram, Viber, E - Mail, Mobile Phone, WhatsApp). 

• Our company provides client with a discount by his agreement and preliminary deposit.Far not every Ukrainian agency do discounts in general. The majority of them areslightly trying "to rise" the price for their client by their arriving to Ukraine andbeginning of the course. The Parentage agency of Parentage in has no tendencies ofrising the prices. Everything is clear and predictable 

• The managers of Parentage deeply know and understand at the same time juridical andmedical questions that are standing before our clients. That is why all consultations usingthe means of remote communication (Telegram, Skype, Viber, E - Mail, Mobile Phone, WhatsApp) completely expose all stages of partnership for the client. In other agencies, managersusually work as a translators so that their medical and juridical knowledge is rathersuperficial. 

• The Parentage agency provides clients with some pleasant preferences withoutdepending on the type of payment (bringing of deposit or calculation depending onservices). It can be walk around Kyiv, help with shopping or choosing souvenirs, acquaintance with a culture, help with registration of Tax Free, prompts in the choice ofresting-places etc. The other agencies provide clients with dry professionalcommunication, which can disappoint them. 

• Parentage is interested in the fate of the clients and success of the legal procedures ofchild’s registration even after their completion. Other agencies after the end ofpartnership and departure of their clients usually do not show any further interest neitherto them nor to the child. The Parentage team continues to show interest to our clientseven after the end of the program and we always support a communication with them. 

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